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University of Groningen

"Me, a girl from Southern China, and him, a boy from Northern Europe, had nothing in common until the summer of 2007. We both decided to study at the University of Groningen and lived on the same floor of an international Student House. For the first 3 months, our conversations were limited to the one-syllable word 'Hi'. It wasn't until a floor party that we got to know each other for the first time. From then on we became a team that guided each other through our studies, traveled together and explored the world. After we completed our studies we decided to move to China where we still reminisce about our former student life in the city and the UG." Y. Lu, Business Administration, 2009 #nothingtopsgroningen #myUGstory #rugalumni #CommonGround #universityofgroningen (📷: @ug_alumni )

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