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PolyU is deeply saddened by the passing of the world-renowned architect Dame Zaha Hadid, the architect of the Jockey Club Innovation Tower (JCIT). Home to PolyU School of Design, JCIT is her first and only permanent architectural work in Hong Kong. This iconic and symbolic JCIT has helped shape PolyU's vision for design education and research. A memorial book is now available at the entrance of JCIT for the PolyU community and the public to share their thoughts in memory of Dame Zaha Hadid. May she rest in peace. #PolyU #university #hkig #hongkong #zaha #hadid #DameZaha #Zahahadid #innovationtower #JockeyClubInnovationTower#jcit #architect #architecture #memorial #schoolofdesign @jockeyclubinnovationtower

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Quote, Unquote

Trump is not a man given to contrition—as a student of Roy Cohn, he learned the “never apologize, never explain” approach to human relations—and, even now, he could not quite bring himself to accept one of his intended talking points, that, yes, yes, he really did believe that Russia was the singular actor interfering in the 2016 election. “Could be other people,” he said, going off script, and directly contradicting himself. “A lot of people out there.”
~ David Remnick via The New Yorker