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They don’t call him the "boy wonder of Bell Island" for nothing. • Spring graduate Donovan Taplin was the youngest personever elected to municipal council in Newfoundland and Labrador, has travelled to the Arctic and Antarctic with Students on Ice, attended a United Nations conference in Brazil and entered Memorial with a $170,000 scholarship as an undergraduate. He was also appointed an inaugural member of the Prime Minister’s Youth Council by Justin Trudeau. • Despite his long list of achievements, Mr. Taplin says the single best decision he made during his time at Memorial was to attend the university’s counselling centre when he found himself overwhelmed and struggling. • “For the first time I was able to talk about my struggles managing school and my other responsibilities,” he said. “And from that day forward I was able to do the things I wanted to do and reach the goals I had set out for myself.” • One of those goals was to finish his bachelor of arts degree. On May 30, he did just that, crossing the St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre stage during spring convocation ceremonies. • With a double major in communication studies and folklore, he says he earned a degree in storytelling. • “Effective storytelling is the cornerstone of making change.” • • • #MemorialUniversity #mun #mungrad2017 #convocation #convocation2017 #arts #humanities #story #storytelling #folklore #communicationstudies

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