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California State University, Sacramento | Wikipedia

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Five American Business Schools with Interesting Wikipedia Entries

  1. Sam M. Walton College of Business
    at that University of Arkansas
  2. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management
    at the University of California, Riverside
  3. Scheller College of Business
    at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  4. Kellogg School of Management
    at Northwestern University
  5. Carey Business School
    at Johns Hopkins University


Quote, Unquote

I had never encountered anything like the world or the words of Chester Himes. But I knew I wanted more. The next book I devoured was “Blind Man With a Pistol,” a deeply twisted and morally ambiguous novel about the senseless nature of violence. A work that is both terrifying and philosophical, it was a watershed moment for this young wannabe writer that also just happens to have one of the most fearless endings in crime fiction history.
~ S.A. Cosby via The New York Times


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